Each year more than 20,000 fabrics are created by the designers of the Qamash Alliance (INDIA) LLP to anticipate and satisfy the requirements of the most demanding customers in the world. Precious fabrics, even the finest, achievable thanks to over 11 years of textile experience, combined with an unique creative vision, and considered for different occasions of use. Each single phase of the production of a fabric has the objective to achieve the highest quality standards, thanks to the most sophisticated technology and machinery together with close control over 100% of the production.


An unmistakable style, harmony of colours and graphics, analysis and interpretation of International trends in line with the tradition of individual brands give rise to a uniquely varied and sophisticated offer. Yarn-dyed fabrics and also many piece-dyed fabrics, available in a wide range of colours and bases.

The constant research into quality raw materials, the introduction of new yarns and new dyeing and weaving techniques, finishing and extraordinary performance are the foundation on which the group collections are created.

Through the different souls of its brands, the Qamash Alliance (INDIA) Pvt. Ltd. offers its customers collections that range from the sportiest or contemporary taste to the more classic and sartorial. Fabrics that represent the must haves of the shirt that everybody should have in their wardrobe to the most precious and exclusive fabrics in the world.

Plays on structures make the woven structure fabrics of Qamash Alliance particularly unique: In addition to the colour and design, the structure allows you to add three-dimensionality and give movement to the fabric, creating patterning both beautiful and unexpected, through skillful movements in the loom.

The precious two-fold fabrics are characterised by an extraordinary resistance, increased brightness of the colours and very high resolution of patterning.

Soft and crisp, the poplins of Qamash Alliance are always refined and suitable for both office or for a formal evening. With the poplin fabrics, made with the twice the number of warp yarns with respect to the weft, they can be made into bright and resistant shirts. The compact weave makes them the ideal base for designs that extremely vivid and bright.

The stretch fabrics are surprising for their compactness and brightness and ensure a perfect fit and high comfort. Particularly innovative is the Natural Comfort whose secret lies in an innovative treatment that gives natural elasticity to the fabric, without the use of synthetic components.

Prints, creative and fashionable, are created with cutting-edge techniques, impressing with their strong visual impact and for the definition of colour and designs.

The fine woven linen is present with a thousand aspects, wefts and original hand-feels, compact or with games of transparency. The colour palette ranges from the most neutral and natural tones to more vivid brilliant tones. The proposal is enhanced by wash-fading fabrics that combine the natural movement of the fabric with colour tones that are transformed over time.

The Qamash Alliance (INDIA) LLP has reinterpreted the denim in all styles, from classic to sporty and fashion and has combined their knowledge of fabrics for shirts to the typical characteristics of indigo yarn, capable of making every single garment made. The result is a proposal for plains and patterns, unique in terms of quality, structures and pattern, characterised by the presence of fabrics in indigo two-fold yarns, from the finest to the most substantial weights.

Great creativity in the proposal of jacquard, characterised by eccentric and refined designs, ranging from micro-designs up to those all-over, with colour-plays and with indigo yarns.

Flannels, very warm and soft to the touch, always manage to be elegant and sophisticated, while remaining relevance even in the colours. What really makes it particularly special is the finishing, the result of a great textile tradition combined with cutting-edge technologies: thanks to emerising and brushing to acquire a soft, warm handle, which makes them ideal for the winter.

The Journey fabrics, innovative and resistant to creasing, represent a unique product for those who want a cool looking and perfect shirt, even after wearing it from morning to night, or after having it stored for a long time in the suitcase.

Over 11 years of textile experience allow Qamash Alliance (INDIA) Pvt. Ltd. to create fabrics with extremely fine yarns, skillfully combining craftsmanship and highest technology.

Colours, structures and patterning made of high quality raw materials, often inspired by the historical archives, become the highest expression of creativity Made in Mumbai signed by the Qamash Alliance.