After dyeing, we offer treatments such as laundering and brushing, depending on the customer’s preferences and end use. After the fabric is released from the dye house, we take extra steps to ensure the fabric is 1st quality with our Quality Control steps: inspecting the goods for any potential damages, checking color, and testing the fabric for shrinkage and torque.

Starting with yarn and finishing with detailed inspection, we take pride in our step by step process of delivering quality fabrics. All of our fabrics are made in Mumbai, allowing us to offer fast lead-times for samples, production and development

We keep sample yardage on hand and can ship out of our warehouse within 48 hours once the order is placed. Beyond sampling, all of our fabrics are made to order. Our minimums vary depending on weight, style and colour. We also offer PFD fabrics for customers who garment dye or cannot meet our piece dye minimums.


For the Qamash Alliance (INDIA) LLP. it is necessary to ensure that all the fabrics produced comply with the relevant regulations and high environmental shared standards. This is why we constantly strive to eliminate the use of dangerous chemical substances by the textile production cycle.


Complete control of all production stages allows Qamash Alliance (INDIA) Pvt. Ltd. (to guarantee the traceability of every metre of fabric, identifying the raw material with which it was made, where it was manufactured and tested. The greatest attention is paid to saving water, energy and chemicals, in order to reduce the environmental impact of industrial processes and classify materials according to the required standards.

Complete traceability of every fabric

Certification OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 for the absence of toxic substances in the raw materials, the semi-finished and finished products


The Qamash Alliance (INDIA) LLP. works with major customers, sensitive and attentive to the issues of environmental sustainability, so that the fabrics comply with the relevant regulations and the high shared environmental standards, with the aim of improving product quality and strengthening the safety requirements.

Customers can visit the factories, personally verifying the attention and care behind the textile reality of Qamash Alliance. Thanks to personalised training programs, they can become aware of all the production steps from creation to final product realisation.

Collaboration with customers for the realisation of projects in the field of sustainability

Guided tours within the factories

Training courses offered to clients


The network of suppliers who can be relied upon by the Qamash Alliance is built on the basis of professionalism and quality of services offered. The territorial vicinity of industrial sites is one of the aspects most favourable for selection: For the company it is in fact very important to create and foster a direct and continuous relationship with its collaborators.

Reduction of transportation

Reduced fuel consumption and pollution

Promoting employment of local communities