Working with the best dye houses in Mumbai ensures the best quality for the dyeing and finishing stages of the process. We use reactive and dispersed dyes to piece dye our fabrics. We also do a large amount of PFD programs, with and without bleach for customers who garment dye on their own.

Our dye houses use state-of-the-art lab equipment to match any color of your choosing. All of our dye houses follow strict Indian Law, which requires them to recycle a percentage of their water and use low impact dyes.


The controls on the colour after dyeing are fundamental to verify the uniformity of tone on each package, the colour continuity over time and the colour-fastness to rubbing. Each day around 40/50 dye baths are checked.

Laboratory tests are performed by highly qualified technicians, with state of the art instrumentation and in accordance with all the international regulations.