Innovation, Dedication, Leadership

We lead the market in innovative solutions and it takes drive and dedication to constantly remain at the top. Our people are leaders who take initiative and give their best at every task, every project and with every client. Our work is never done; we are constantly striving for more and thinking of “what next”. We are in the business of producing world class fabrics and we are committed to changing the way the world sees textile industry.

"The greatest strength of Qamash Alliance India Pvt. Ltd. is its people. It's gratifying to work with smart, passionate, energetic individuals who are committed to doing the best job they can and open to helping others."

Creative, Passionate, Fun

We strive to continuously provide solutions no one has ever thought of before; our people are inventors, explorers, pioneers who are not afraid to speak their minds and play with new ideas and creative solutions. We work hard because we care about our customers and we are passionate about what we do. And we make sure to balance hard work with a lot of fun, after all, we want our people to be absolutely thrilled about coming to work every single day!

Round The World

We work with one third of the world’s top brands, garment manufacturers, suppliers and our offices are spread across Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa.You get a taste of that "worldly feel" dealing with co-workers and clients all over the planet... and maybe even an opportunity to transfer to a different office.

Live your passion

At Qamash Alliance, we provide the opportunities, challenges and support to live the future of your work now. Explore where we work, how we work and the opportunities that await you. Life at Qamash Alliance is a life full of empowerment! We believe in empowering people not just with authority, but by the vehement desire to let people express their best. In our view, people don’t work for us but they rather work with us, we firmly invest in this philosophy.

Careers, not jobs

Life at Qamash Alliance is full of ownership and every individual contributing to the company is motivated to take up initiatives and complete tasks with sheer responsibility. It is a learning space where mutual growth encompasses the work environment and the culture!

Let your creativity run wild

With an open-minded culture and an ever-changing environment, we want (and need) people who take initiative, bring in ideas, find new designs and look at things the way no one ever has before. Spark something new!

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