mobile app advantages in 2019 for Indian Business

The year 2018 is all set to say goodbye with all its memories, experiences, moments and a beautiful life all-together. Let us take the best from this year and implement those in the coming year to benefit the most of them in 2019. One such learning which should be taken into consideration is Mobile. As per the report of a prominent Indian Newspaper, states that there are currently 478 million mobile phone users. Now, if looking at the pace at which people are using the phone we can easily expect an 18% increase in mobile users in 2019. 18% might not look impressive in terms f percentage, but if you go by absolute number then, this turns to be more than 564 million users! Yes, you heard it right! All these results are showing amazing results towards the development of mobile app advantages in 2019 for Indian Business

With this huge number of people using a mobile phone in 2019, have you imagined the scope of the mobile app development platform for business purpose??? This will give a tremendous boost to your business outlook and as a business entity, you have to grab this opportunity as the sky is the only limit in terms of innovation. Power of Mobile app is quite evident with the popularity of Mobile Gaming in India like PUBG, Fashion app, Restaurants app, food-ordering app, Grocery app, etc. Mobile is trending for Fashion, food, and travel but is not limited only to those. One may think that these apps are good only for certain business type, but that is an illusion as we see app for hiring drivers, Health-fitness app, Quora- for asking questions, YULU- a bicycle sharing services, App for booking parlour services and Doctor services and what not.

What has made all these businesses to start their mobile app? What encouraged them? Well, the first and foremost reason is the huge number of customers that come to visit your business, otherwise would have not come. This result into increase in profit to your business. Easy Transaction via Online Payments and COD options too, the customer feels secure to buy online. Also, the feedback from customers around the globe can be easily taken and thus can act to improve them if required. This is a major reason why the online sale is increased. In this fast-paced world, people don’t have to waste any time to meet buy in person and can easily buy anything conveniently with just tap of a finger. Almost 40% online shopping for fashion and food is dominated by women, as they can easily visit, compare, explore and then buy without going out for shopping.

The mobile app gives your business full-time potential for selling 24/7, without you being doing other work. You can save up to 30% of cost on your business expansion by just using the mobile app for your business, as you don’t require an extra shop, rent, and electricity. Furthermore, you can easily track User’s data and recommend accordingly, so that they prefer your service over your competitor as an average user spent 3.3hour daily. Statistic- a Research company, has forecasted that Netflix in India is expected to generate approximately 328.3 million U.S. dollars with its Indian streaming segment in 2020. (Source-Statista) Hindustan Times stated once, “The Indian streaming market grew 116% in 2017 in terms of the number of subscribers”, says Tim Westcott, global data provider IHS-Markit’s research director of channels and programming. From the above example, one thing is clear that no business is untouched by the wave which mobile phone has created. Buckle up, and get ready to market your products and service on mobile to gain from the potential customers. Grow with a mobile app and book profit with every quarter, similar to what BookMyShow generated almost 30% revenue growth. Now its right time to make your business app. Lima Technosys is leading mobile app development company in Mumbai. Develop your business app today before it’s too late.


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